Monthly Archives: December 2009

What I learned today: Don’t flinch

Those who follow professional football are aware of the Indianapolis Colts’ perfect season thus far (14-0 as I write this). Even though the season is not yet over, the Colts have already set a record by coming back to win after being behind during the 4th quarter 7 times this season.  That means that in … » Continue Reading

What I learned today: Don’t miss the future for the present

We’ve all heard the phrase “you miss the forest for the trees,” which, of course, means that you’re not seeing the big picture.  When people use that phrase, they are normally referring to the fact that you are getting too granular or tactical instead of focusing on the overarching scheme.  However, I think it also … » Continue Reading

What I learned today: Maintain discipline at all times

I recently read a great article in Fortune magazine about the CEO of American Express.  In the article, I learned some key information about the credit card industry and confirmed my theory on the impact that the new credit card regulations will have on the industry.  As you might have guessed, a cap on interest … » Continue Reading

Inaugural Booth-Laird blog post

My name is Jonathan Booth, and I co-founded Booth-Laird along with my good friend, Kevin Laird.   From the day we first met (which was at my interview dinner with KPMG) we realized that we had a shared passion for business.  Within 6 months of meeting one another, we established Booth-Laird with the goal of … » Continue Reading