Inaugural Booth-Laird blog post

My name is Jonathan Booth, and I co-founded Booth-Laird along with my good friend, Kevin Laird.   From the day we first met (which was at my interview dinner with KPMG) we realized that we had a shared passion for business.  Within 6 months of meeting one another, we established Booth-Laird with the goal of valuing every single investment opportunity while building the world’s largest company.  Ambitious, we know, but the primary purpose of our stated mission is to constantly drive us to be better in every facet of our company.

Within the spirit of constant improvement, I have determined that I learn something new every single day that can be used to improve our business.  I subscribe to a number of business magazines and other periodicals that almost always have useful and intriguing information,  and, of course, I learn from my own personal experiences.  However, that lesson is often found in places you would never expect.  The mistakes and successes of everyday life can be a rich resource of ideas and principles for business.

The key to identifying those lessons is to develop “mental models” through which you can filter your experiences.  I have heard some people call this process “looking through a different lens.”  I try to run all experiences through my existing mental models while also constantly trying to develop new mental models.  I learned this technique by listening to the great Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

As I said before, we have a passion for business.  We also have a passion for talking about business.  Therefore, I will do my best to discuss the lessons I learn everyday about business.  I will typically start these posts with “What I learned today…”  We will also discuss significant events at Booth-Laird as well as our insights on some of our investments.

We hope you learn along with us and welcome any feedback.

Thank you,


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