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Booth-Laird Investment Partnership and Rebirth Financial Partner to Lend Money to Small Businesses

BATON ROUGE, La., August 25, 2011 – Booth-Laird Investment Partnership, LLC (Booth-Laird) today announced a new partnership with Rebirth Financial to provide a reliable alternative lending option to small businesses.  Utilizing Rebirth’s lending platform, Booth-Laird will be able to easily identify great small businesses that require financing.  The partnership with Rebirth Financial will provide the opportunity for long-term investments that fit in with Booth-Laird’s investment strategy.  Booth-Laird plans to immediately begin working with Rebirth Financial to identify lending opportunities.

Jonathan Booth, Chief Executive Officer of Booth-Laird Investment Partnership, stated, “Rebirth Financial has been great in understanding our investment criteria and working with us to create a partnership that can only grow.  Plenty of small businesses have a consistently profitable operating history and solid balance sheets but find themselves in need of capital to expand, replace or upgrade aging equipment, support working capital in completion of a large project, etc.  We look forward to utilizing Rebirth’s platform and tools to identify and to lend to those businesses.”

About Rebirth Financial

Rebirth Financial’s purpose is to act as a financial engine to facilitate growth and development by connecting individual lenders and financial institutions with the businesses that need their loans the most in order to finance the growth of, and the expansion within, the small business sector.  Rebirth Financial allows small businesses the ability to apply for loans. The website is structured similar to that of an e-Bay for loans.  Rebirth Financial’s has created a first-of-its-kind scoring system.  The JAS Rating System determines the financial health of a small business, delivering a clear 1 through 100 score for small businesses while displaying industry specific comparisons. The JAS Rating System will bolster Rebirth Financial’s already thorough analysis of the health of a small business.

About Booth-Laird Investment Partnership

Booth-Laird Investment Partnership, LLC, is an investment partnership focused on long-term capital growth via in-house research, disciplined investing, and strong relationships.  We are committed to building a world-class organization comprised of a diversified group of great businesses and other investments.  We focus exclusively on creating and sustaining long-term value via a process we call value decision-making.  We follow four simple tenets that we consider to be the pillars of value decision-making.  Those four core tenets are: Act with integrity, Follow our investing principles, Maintain discipline and Produce value.  Please see our “Disclaimer” located on our website.

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