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Weight Watchers presentation from 2nd Annual Booth-Laird Equity Conference hosted by LSU

We recently held the 2nd Annual Booth-Laird Equity Conference hosted by LSU’s E.J. Ourso College of Business and Department of Finance.  After four student presentations and a fireside chat with MoneyGram International’s VP of Investor Relations and Strategic Development, we closed out the meeting with another new investment idea from Booth-Laird Investment Partnership – Weight Watchers (WTW).

WTW represents another beaten down stock due to the market’s overreaction to fears of new competition that ignore the company’s brand strength, best-in-class program, difficult to replicate scale, niche entrenched customer base, low cost advantages, new management, healthcare opportunity, and, above all, exceptional and sustainable cash flows.  While the stock has run-up from our original purchase price earlier this year, we believe there is substantial upside remaining with limited downside.

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