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Jonathan Booth to Present at AAII Meeting

BATON ROUGE, LA, December 8, 2015 – Jonathan Booth, CFA, CPA/ABV, will discuss how to properly and efficiently analyze companies in select industries at the aaii meeting to be held at the Broadmoor United Methodist Church on Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 8:30 a.m.  The following was included in the meeting flyer sent to aaii members:

“Each industry is unique with its own key metrics and nuances. Sticking to industries within one’s “circle of competence” is key for sustained investing success. Over the last eight years, Jonathan Booth and his partner, Kevin Laird, have developed a strong understanding of property and casualty insurance companies and of differentiated manufacturing companies, which ranges from Apple to Sherwin Williams to General Motors. They have identified the key metrics and qualitative aspects to focus on when analyzing these types of companies. The presentation will go through those metrics for both industries, including real-life examples of companies they invested in as well as companies they chose not to invest in.”

The key learning objectives of Mr. Booth’s presentation are as follows:

  • How to properly analyze a company in the property & casualty insurance industry
  • How to properly analyze a company in the differentiated manufacturing industry
  • How to minimize your downside risk for those industries

There will be no charge for non-members of aaii who say they are “friends of Booth-Laird.”

See additional information about the meeting here:

About Booth-Laird Investment Partnership:

Booth-Laird Investment Partnership, LP, is an investment partnership focused on long-term capital growth via in-house research, disciplined investing, and strong relationships.  We attempt to beat the market cumulatively over time by focusing on securities that are misunderstood, obscure, or mispriced due to uncertainty or fear; performing significant due diligence to overcome those hurdles; and buying at a large discount to our internally developed valuation.  Please see our “Disclaimer” located on our website.

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