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Booth-Laird Q1 2019 Newsletter

After a two year hiatus in which we only shared our quarterly letters with our investors, we have decided to start posting them on the blog again. See attached our Q1 2019 Newsletter, in which we provide an update on the Partnership and also discuss the types of companies we prefer. We discuss “picks and axes” type of companies, specialty finance, and specialty insurance and also discuss why we prefer companies who sell their product or service to other businesses rather than to consumers.

Since shifting our focus almost entirely to pillar stocks (quality companies available for discounted prices) and minimizing workouts (special situations), Booth-Laird Investment Partnership’s return, net of all fees and expenses, from January 1, 2016 through close of business yesterday (April 11, 2019) is a cumulative 51.2%, or 13.45% annualized, surpassing the S&P 500’s cumulative return while nearly doubling the cumulative return of the Value Investor Index Fund (average of our value-focused hedge fund peers) over the same time period.

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