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The Booth-Laird Investment Partnership, formed in 2008 by Jonathan Booth and Kevin Laird, is a private investment partnership.

Our first objective is the preservation of capital – to not lose money.  Our second objective is to compound value over the long-term.

We seek to accomplish these objectives by investing primarily in high quality companies selling at discounted prices and secondarily in select special situation investments that we have determined offer low risk, high reward opportunities.

We seek out the unloved or misunderstood investment opportunities in the industries that we understand.  We apply our strong analytical ability, experience, and long-term focus to determine the quality of the company, its management, and its intrinsic value.  When we find a high quality company whose stock price is beaten down for reasons we deem short-term in nature or otherwise inconsequential, we invest and plan to hold for many years.  Special situation investments are shorter-term in nature but still require a high degree of conviction and an even deeper discount to our estimate of intrinsic value.

Our secret sauce is our repeatable and consistent process of deep research on each investment opportunity as well as our quiet reflection on past investments, personal biases, and new ideas and concepts.  We spend much of our time simply thinking with the end goal not to “be smart” but instead to avoid “being dumb.”  We aim to make rational decisions that will allow us and our investors to sleep soundly at night.

NOTE: We can only respond to inquiries from or transact business with a person in a state in which we are registered or are exempt from registration.

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