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Booth-Laird Q2 2019 Newsletter

The Partnership has continued its solid start in 2019. The Partnership’s return, net of fees and expenses, was 12.50% over the last six months. Right after quarter end, we used our remaining cash to invest into a new pillar stock. The Partnership is now 100% invested in stocks and ETFs for the first time in … » Continue Reading

Booth-Laird Q1 2019 Newsletter

After a two year hiatus in which we only shared our quarterly letters with our investors, we have decided to start posting them on the blog again. See attached our Q1 2019 Newsletter, in which we provide an update on the Partnership and also discuss the types of companies we prefer. We discuss “picks and … » Continue Reading

Profile in the Baton Rouge Business Report

The Booth-Laird Investment Partnership was profiled in the Top 100 issue of the Baton Rouge Business Report, which was published on July 18, 2017.  It touches on our approach to the investing process and gets the perspective of a couple of our investors.  See the article in the link below. » Continue Reading

Booth-Laird Q2 2017 Newsletter

Below is our Q2 2017 Newsletter with references to current holdings removed. » Continue Reading

2016 Annual Letter – select excerpts

Below are select excerpts from our 2016 Annual Letter to our investors. » Continue Reading

Booth-Laird Q3 2016 Newsletter

Our Q3 2016 newsletter touches on a more personal topic – woodworking.  It helps to solve the investor need do something pro-active in difficult times, which is often the time a patient investor should do nothing.  It also has parallels to investing. » Continue Reading

Record flooding in Louisiana – look for the helpers