Company Analysis

Booth-Laird Q1 2016 Newsletter

Attached is our first quarter 2016 newsletter, in which we discuss the importance of management in the analysis of a company.  Disney’s COO, Thomas Staggs, was expected to take over as CEO when Bob Iger retired in 2018, but Staggs unexpectedly stepped down last week.  We decided to use that event as the starting point … » Continue Reading

Genworth Update Post Q4 2015

Genworth Financial (GNW) posted Q4 2015 results last week and the market’s reaction was once again irrational.  He wrote an article for Seeking Alpha discussing our thoughts on the earnings release and call here: The article was picked as for Pro Subscribers, so it will be behind a pay wall after an initial 30 … » Continue Reading

AAII Presentation

Jonathan Booth spoke to the American Association of Individual Investors – Baton Rouge Chapter on December 12, 2015.  The topic of his presentation was how to properly and efficiently analyze companies in the differentiated manufacturing and property & casualty industries.  He also provided valuation guidelines as well as some general thoughts on protecting your downside … » Continue Reading

Genworth Update Post Q3 2015

Genworth Financial (GNW) reported last week, and the market reaction was irrational – the story of 2015.  We discussed the quarterly results, how to think about the company, and why we are still very bullish on the stock in an article posted to Seeking Alpha.  See the article here:   » Continue Reading

Booth-Laird Q3 2015 Newsletter

Attached is our third quarter 2015 newsletter, in which we discuss the recent Volkswagen “Dieselgate” scandal. » Continue Reading

Genworth long thesis

Genworth (GNW) is a severely beaten down insurance company that is similar to our highly successful Hartford Group (HIG) investment.  It is trading for under 25% of net book value.  We have analyzed and stressed net book value, including a thorough understanding of the liabilities and reserves, and determined that, at worst, the stock is … » Continue Reading

Booth-Laird Q1 2015 Newsletter

Attached is our first quarter 2015 newsletter, which covers two broad topics as follows: First, we provide a primer on “melting ice cube” investments, using Western Union (WU) and Outerwall (OUTR) as examples.   We then provide an update on Weight Watchers (WTW) and explain why we believe it is not a melting ice cube. Second, … » Continue Reading

Weight Watchers presentation from 2nd Annual Booth-Laird Equity Conference hosted by LSU

We recently held the 2nd Annual Booth-Laird Equity Conference hosted by LSU’s E.J. Ourso College of Business and Department of Finance.  After four student presentations and a fireside chat with MoneyGram International’s VP of Investor Relations and Strategic Development, we closed out the meeting with another new investment idea from Booth-Laird Investment Partnership – Weight Watchers … » Continue Reading

Outerwall presentation from 2014 Annual Meeting

At our 2014 Annual Meeting held on July 21, 2014, we presented our long thesis on Outerwall (OUTR), a beaten down, highly shorted stock that is misunderstood by the market and, in our opinion, presents substantial upside potential with limited downside. » Continue Reading

Booth-Laird Q2 2014 Newsletter

Attached is our second quarterly newsletter, in which we discuss: An update on General Motors (GM) since our Q1 2014 newsletter Our most recent investment – Bed, Bath, & Beyond (BBBY) Reminder of the 2014 Annual Meeting held on July 21st in Baton Rouge » Continue Reading