Speaking Services

Speaking Topics

  • Business Valuation Workshop – Process for valuing privately held businesses
  • Equity Valuation Workshop – Process for valuing stocks
  • How to build a durable competitive advantage – How your company can develop or improve processes which will improve your business.  How economic moats are created and sustained.
  • Portfolio management – Discuss our process for managing our portfolio and how you can apply this to your portfolio
  • Booth-Laird Investment Partnership – Discuss the history of our fund, our results, and our short and long-term visions.

Meeting Planner


  • Discuss the topics important to you, your company/group and/or your industry
  • Gain an understanding of what your organization does and what the theme of the meeting is about
  • Develop goals to accomplish during the meeting
  • Contact other presenters to ensure no overlapping discussions or repeat topics
  • Discuss and confirm travel plans

On-Site, prior to the meeting

  • Notify you of our arrival
  • Be accessible
  • Perform technology and sound checks
  • Meet with other speakers, your team and other applicable crew
  • Pay attention to the audience and other speakers during the other presentations to gain an understanding of the environment
  • Dressed appropriately, usually a little more formal than the audience

During the presentation

  • Be professional, courteous, cheerful, responsive and pleasant
  • Interact with the audience
  • Present detailed and technical topics in an understandable manner
  • Use any appropriate video, slides, charts or sound clips to help the presentation be more meaningful and entertaining
  • Handle unforeseen problems (i.e. technical difficulties) professionally
  • Allow time for questions and comments
  • Relate topics to the theme, point and goals of your meeting and organization
  • Will not turn the presentation into a sales pitch or offer Booth Laird materials unless this is approved or requested by your group or organization
  • Be timely

Post presentation

  • Remain available for questions and comments
  • Provide receipts as needed
  • Provide contact information for follow up information
  • Follow up with attendees with information related to the presentation
  • Be confidential

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