Booth-Laird Q3 2014 Newsletter

Attached is our third quarterly newsletter for 2014, in which we discuss: An update on Bed, Bath, & Beyond (BBBY) since our Q2 2014 newsletter An update on General Motors (GM) since our Q2 2014 newsletter An in-depth look at Apple, including an e-mail we sent to our investors approximately one year ago » Continue Reading

Apple: What Most People Are Missing

Note: This blog post was originally written on December 30, 2012 when the stock was trading for $510, prior to a two day run up in the stock.  While the stock is not as inexpensive at the moment, the thesis still holds true.   We all know the legend of Steve Jobs and Apple’s history … » Continue Reading

Durable Competitive Advantage Series: Differentiated Manufacturing

The first thing we do when analyzing a new business is to develop a thorough understanding of the industry in which it operates.  The primary purpose is to understand how a company can create a durable competitive advantage (DCA) in that industry, which allows the company to achieve above average market share and results for … » Continue Reading